It’s the honesty and genuine feel…this demonstration of pure heart on display that make this a great band and a force to be reckoned with. ”

— SBS Music Review

There’s an honesty and vulnerability that comes from writing music drawn from raw emotion. It’s in that emotion that Portland indie duo, Bees in a Bottle, find their beacon. 

Multi-instrumentalists, Christine and Chad McAllister navigate dark themes together in an expressive ebb and flow of pain and promise. Their music serves as a catharsis for the kinds of swirling emotions that arise from difficult situations. They strive to create something meaningful to heal them.

Bees In A Bottle is a Portland-based, female-fronted, indie rock duo, led by Christine McAllister and Chad McAllister.  Rooted in a dark, singer/songwriter tradition, Bees In A Bottle’s songs are introspective, centering on Christine’s intimate lyrics and ethereal vocals.Through the past 10 years, Bees In A Bottle have released 3 studio records, two albums with Grammy Award-winning producer Glenn Barratt, and toured from coast to coast. In addition to Bees In A Bottle, the McAllisters are multi-instrumentalists who regularly contribute to other artists’ work through live and studio performance, theater, and film.





2020 - Treasures Ugly and Few - Bees In A Bottle


2015 - Midnight Clear Compilation - WSTW Presents


2014 - Heartsleeve EP - Bees In A Bottle


2012 - Quiet Room - Bees In A Bottle


2010 - Hometown Holidays Compilation - PDIDA

...When I heard her voice it was the first time I heard Dayna Manning or Alison Krauss.”

— RanCave Music Blog

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