Bees In A Bottle are a top-tier band to keep on your radar. Filled with lilting harmonies and well-structured arrangements, exceptional. “Treasures Ugly and Few” confirmed their superior standing in PNW’s music scene.” - Cynthia Orlando

Station KRVM

It’s the honesty and genuine feel…this demonstration of pure heart on display that make this a great band and a force to be reckoned with. ”

— SBS Music Review

Bees In A Bottle is a Portland-based indie rock duo, led by Christine McAllister and Chad McAllister. 

Rooted in a dark, singer/songwriter tradition, Bees In A Bottle’s songs are introspective, centering on Christine’s intimate lyrics and ethereal vocals.

Through the past 10 years, Bees In A Bottle have released 3 studio records, two albums with Grammy Award-winning producers, and toured from coast to coast.

The McAllisters are also multi-instrumentalists who regularly contribute to other artists’ work through live and studio performance, theater, and film.


2020 - Treasures Ugly and Few - Bees In A Bottle 

2015 - Midnight Clear Compilation - WSTW Presents 

2014 - Heartsleeve EP - Bees In A Bottle 

2012 - Quiet Room - Bees In A Bottle 

2010 - Hometown Holidays Compilation - PDIDA


Bees in a Bottle
Bees in a Bottle
Bees in a Bottle

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