…when they wanna tug on your heartstrings as hard as possible in the most gentle, delicate, and fragile of ways…they sure can, and they consistently nail this in their music,...I get chills every single time ”

— SBS Music Review

The latest album from Bees In A Bottle, Treasures Ugly and Few (5/1/20 independent release)  reveals its narrator in various states of reverie: imagining conversations with loved ones passed, condemning the lies we tell to obstruct our true selves from view, exploring the wreckage of accidental death and suicide. Despite being deeply attuned to the pain of these shared experiences, singer/songwriter/ multi-instrumentalists Christine and Chad McAllister imbue those moments with promise, reverent hope, and an endless pursuit of real connection. Through honest vulnerability in examining life’s most private revelations, its songs heal. Treasures Ugly and Few makes an undeniable case for infinite empathy as a powerful antidote to pain and despair.  

Press Photos

Single from the Upcoming Album - Language

Official Video - Language

Track List:

1. Language

2. Only 23

3. Cowboy Lullaby

4. Always Gonna Do It

5. Love Will Find A Way

6. Liar

7. Easy Enough

8. To Pass Not To Stay

9. Moment of Waking Up

10. Follow