Bees in a Bottle: Q & A

With ZO Magazine

...they’re here to give us the rundown on their beginnings, their future, and their present that includes their 2023 release, ‘The Sun Left and Took the Moon With It,’ which drops on April 14th....

'The Sun Left and Took the Moon With It’ will leave intelligent listeners a bit stupefied from its emotional impact. It’s complete in every way.”

Indie Shark

Drenched in melancholic hues, The Sun Left and Took The Moon With It is a gorgeously wrought, unforgettable album.” - Randy Radic

Guitar Girl Magazine

It's clear that for Bees in a Bottle, words and music are more than just entertainment – ​​they're means of deep connection and creative expression.”

— Direct Actu

A sublime sample of cinematic folk with gentle slowcore elements.”

— Last Day Deaf

'You Alone' is subtle and confessional, carried forward by echoing keys and persistent strums of guitar. As the song winds onward, layers of gorgeous harmony and driving rhythms join the mix, lending the song a sense of resolute power and coloring the desolate lyrics with hints of melancholic light.”

— Under The Radar

What (Bees In A Bottle) do is make indie-rock that is thrumming with heart, passion and – lyrically – can cut you to the bone. And Christine has one of those voices that you just want to listen to; a storytelling voice, and, boy, do this pair have stories to tell. A real find. ”

— The Crack

It’s the honesty and genuine feel…this demonstration of pure heart on display that make this a great band and a force to be reckoned with. ”

— SBS Music Review