Bees In A Bottle are a top-tier band to keep on your radar. Filled with lilting harmonies and well-structured arrangements, exceptional. “Treasures Ugly and Few” confirmed their superior standing in PNW’s music scene.” - Cynthia Orlando

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It’s the honesty and genuine feel…this demonstration of pure heart on display that make this a great band and a force to be reckoned with. ”

— SBS Music Review



Bees in a Bottle is the moniker adopted by Pacific Northwest songwriting duo, Christine McAllister and Chad McAllister.  Rooted in a dark, singer/songwriter tradition, Bees In A Bottle’s songs are introspective, centering on intimate lyrics and vocals.  The band creates a dreamy, atmospheric world, blending Christine’s warm vocals with mood-driven electric guitar, expanding around the listener, drawing them into connection with quiet moments. 

Based in Portland, OR, the McAllisters have been bandmates and spouses for over a decade. Their partnership is one that, over the years, has deepened incrementally, so that their music and purpose together becomes clearer with every record.  In addition to Bees In A Bottle, the McAllisters are multi-instrumentalists who regularly contribute to other artists’ work through live and studio performance, theater, and film.     

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Bees in a Bottle released their first album, “Quiet Room,” in 2013, with a follow-up EP, “Heartsleeve,” in 2014. Both were recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer Glenn Barratt (Elton John, Jill Scott).  Shortly after, the band relocated to the West Coast and began playing in the Portland music scene and touring around the PNW. In 2020, they released their next record, Treasures Ugly And Few, a complete exploration into the shifting moods, thoughts, and feelings that connect us all together. The album became a landmark achievement in their catalog, the first step toward the kind of songs they’d envisioned making from their very first moments together.   

Using that record as a blueprint for the path forward, Bees in a Bottle continues to embrace the cathartic, moody dimensions of their sound in their upcoming album, 'The Sun Left and Took The Moon With It,' a 10-song series of imagined scenes from the perspective of different women who’ve lost a man they loved in the music industry to suicide or drug addiction, set to release April 14, 2023. 


2023 - The Sun Left And Took The Moon With It - Bees In A Bottle

2020 - Treasures Ugly and Few - Bees In A Bottle 

2015 - Midnight Clear Compilation - WSTW Presents 

2014 - Heartsleeve EP - Bees In A Bottle 

2012 - Quiet Room - Bees In A Bottle 

2010 - Hometown Holidays Compilation - PDIDA


Bees in a Bottle
Bees in a Bottle
Bees in a Bottle