Chad McAllister guitar

Chad McAllister

Guitarist/ Guitar instructor, Recording artist, Songwriter, Producer

Over 20 years of teaching, Chad has developed a style of instruction that is a balance of fun and function. The curriculum is highly individualized and based on the specific goals and needs of the learner. All ages and abilities benefit from Chad's infectious love of music, classical and jazz training and extensive experience as a rock guitarist, and recording artist. 

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Christine McAllister Portland studio musician

Christine McAllister

Singer, Songwriter, Recording artist, Bassist, Guitarist

Christine McAllister is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Portland, OR. She is founder of the indie rock duo, Bees In A Bottle, and contributes as a bassist, guitarist and vocalist to numerous artists’ work, through recording studio, live performance, and film. She has self-produced and released 3 studio albums and toured the US with her band, Bees In A Bottle. 

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2023 - The Sun Left And Took The Moon With It - Bees In A Bottle

2023 - Coming Up For Air - Amanda Richards & The Good Long Whiles 

2023 - Lone Wolf - Ledgerstone Road

2022 - Possibilities (St. Thomas) - The Groovebirds

2021 - Iron Sharpens Iron - The Whistlepunks 

2020 - Treasures Ugly and Few - Bees In A Bottle 

2020 - Laid Back Country Picker (Single) - Portland Isolation Sessions 

2020 - Driving Nails (Single) - Portland Isolation Sessions 

2020 - Swinging Doors (Single) - Portland Isolation Sessions 

2020 - Heart of the Ages - Songraft Sessions II  

2020 - Cold Rain (Single) - Amanda Richards and the Good Long Whiles 

2018 - Whiskey Dixie Soundtrack - Musical/Film Soundtrack 

2018 - Shade & Honey EP - Shade & Honey 

2018 - Map Room EP - Ryan Petersen 

2017 - Silver Gun - Songcraft Sessions I  

2017 - Time it Takes - The Groovebirds 

2017 - Mono Solo EP - Mono Solo 

2016 - Looking in From the Outside - The Groovebirds 

2015 - Midnight Clear Compilation - WSTW Presents 

2014 - Heartsleeve EP - Bees In A Bottle 

2012 - Quiet Room - Bees In A Bottle 

2010 - Hometown Holidays Compilation - PDIDA